Neubert's Restorations
Antique, Classic, and Exotic Restorations Specializing in Sports Marques

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Neubert's Restorations is a turn key restoration facility.  Our operation offers all the services required to completely restore a car.  We offer all Mechanicals, Metal fabrication, Body work, Painting & Specialty coatings, Interiors, etc.  One of our most notable services provided is in the area of Sunroof installations and repairs.  We have one of the most comprehensive Sunroof facilities available.

The business was developed to be able to coordinate your restoration needs within one location.  If your project is a total restoration, our shop is equipped to accomodate all its specific needs.  If you are in need of any one service, we can accommodate that as well.  The most important aspect of this philosophy is that we can solve any problem that arises.  Some of the most frustrating and time consuming issues with restoration projects are how do I solve this problem and where do I go.

Our shop concentrates in specialty type work.  Our services are unique and not normally found in contemporary repair or body shops.  Since being established in 1984, we have developed an extensive network within the industry to source parts and specialty services.  We pride ourselves in solving problems by getting to the root of the problem.  This usually requires us to completely disassemble the item and re-work it from that point in order to deliver a product satisfactory to customer expectations.

Our main focus is on the quality of our work.  We will attempt to complete the job in as quick a time frame as possible.  In the restoration world, things rarely go the way you may have anticipated.  This requires you to sometimes take another path, which will ultimately require more time to achieve your desired results.  So maintaining quality is more important than how quickly it will happen.  We pride ourselves in having the patience and perseverence to make a quality job.  Customer satisfaction is paramount.