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Types of Sunroofs:


CUSTOM SUNROOFS is a premier Northeast full service year-round sunroof business. We install and repair many types of sunroofs. All our installations come with a lifetime warranty. Our shop does numerous specialty and one-of-a-kind installations. Our sunroofs are produced by the industry's leading manufacturers. For more information, please click on the sunroof of your choice. For a no-cost demonstration and written quote for your installation, please contact us at Neubert's Restorations at (610) 868-1888 or


We are a factory authorized installation and repair center for the following manufacturers:
  1. American Sunroof Corporation - ASC
  2. Inalfa Sunroofs
  3. SkyTop / Midwest Sunroofs
  4. Stretch Form Sunroofs / C R Laurence
Benefits of a Sunroof

Sunroofs are stylish, fun and do serve a functional purpose.

Sunroofs are a year-round accessory because you can use your sunroof in the fall and winter as well as the spring and summer.

Bringing in the light gives you a totally different driving sensation.  It's fun driving a car with a sunroof.

By installing a sunroof, you can eliminate that claustrophobic or boxed-in feeling.

When opening the sunroof, you create a different airflow through the car. This is good for cars without A/C or when you do not need the A/C. It's also useful for those who smoke because it increases ventilation.

A sunroof will rapidly remove the heat build-up in your car.  When you first get into your car, open the sunroof.  It will act like a chimney and quickly helps remove heat.

A professionally installed sunroof can add value to your car.

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