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We offer professional installations. Our objective is to install your sunroof and have it look as if it was intended to be there instead of something that definitely looks after-market. There are numerous ways to achieve this objective depending on the car and the chosen sunroof. We pride ourselves in craftmanship and guarantee you a professional installation. We install the best sunroofs manufactured and give a LIFETIME SERVICE WARRANTY with all our installations. Also, each sunroof we install comes with the manufacturer's warranty on its parts.
We offer repairs for any type of sunroof.  Sunroof repairs are a very specialized type of service.  There have been numerous companies making sunroofs over the years.  Unfortunately, many are out of business. We offer the ability to identify your sunroof and hopefully be able to acquire the parts needed.  If parts are no longer available, we will be able to offer a replacement roof best for your car.  Our experience and business network enables us to identify obsolete or vintage sunroofs.  The comprehensiveness of our business allows us to offer solutions for those owners who have been unable to solve their sunroof problems.
Being able to service sunroofs today can be a real challenge.  Identification of a sunroof can be very difficult, since so many companies have come and gone.  Being in the industry since 1974, we have developed a diverse knowledge of many sunroof types.  In addition, we have a direct link to all the current sunroof  manufacturers.  Also, our network of sunroof parts suppliers is very extensive, which simplifies the process of acquiring hard-to-source parts. This assists us in helping solve your sunroof needs.

T-Tops are an accessory that has lost it's popularity. However, there are still a lot of older cars with them. We have extensive knowledge in the installation and repairing of T-Tops. Because of the loss of popularity in this accessory, acquiring parts has become a serious challenge. We have a network that aids us in acquiring the parts you may need. The fit and and adjustment needed to properly align T-Top panels can be a tricky and challenging operation. We have the experience required to fit your T-Tops properly.

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